Dar AlBariz offers different types of service options that include instant, periodic as well as emergency maintenance and cleaning services. We are committed to providing a highly specialized, comprehensive and safe approach suited to your needs.

Air Conditioners

If your air conditioner crashes during summer season in your place, expect for inconvenience and very distressing situation. However, when you allow our company to handle such problems, you need not to worry about the breakdown of your air conditioner. We will immediately deal with your problems efficiently and conveniently. Furthermore, we also cater regular maintenance services to prevent such incident to happen again.


Private gardens are becoming a necessity in every home. Because of that, you might need a quality landscaper to preserve your garden’s look. With special tools and skilled landscapers, TAMAM is here to provide you with our landscaping services to look after your garden and green surfaces with quality and care. To protect your surroundings from pollution, and live in a safe and healthy environment.


When you do not spare any of your time for maintaining the electrical equipment you have at home, it will immediately result in the decline in its efficiency and effectiveness each year. As a consequence, it will consume more energy which can increasingly maximize your expenses. We can help you in recovering the lost effectiveness of your electrical wiring with our maintenance and replacement service.


Normal cleaning that you are usually doing at home cannot fully remove all the dust, dirt and allergen in your area, even if you are doing the cleaning process on a daily basis. With the help of our cleaning services at Tamam, we always guarantee you comprehensive and deep cleaning services for your area with our professional and trained technicians. We make use of healthy and safe cleaning tools to meet your entire cleaning needs.


Maintenance of the sanitary areas at home is one way of assuring our safety and at the same time preventing the onslaught of diseases. Water systems in your area that are exposed to blockage and leaks can be handled by our company which will enable you to resolve your plumbing problems.

Pest Control

Pests can cause great harm not only in your house but also to your health regardless of their size. Controlling pests could no longer be as difficult as you think as our company can help you in eliminating simple to complex pest problems you are worried about

Swimming Pool

During the summer season, it is expected to experience swimming pool malfunctions. This is the reason why we provide periodic and comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services in your pool so that you spend enjoyable swimming time and better health.